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Update Blog #9: Perks & Banks


Community Manager
Community Manager
Greeting Kronos!

This week we have added even more perks for gear and equipment, fixed banking bugs, and continued on the QoL updates.

Banking Fixes
- Resize-able mode now has the proper banking interface. No more tiny windows!
- Fixed the deposit X and remove X features to work like OSRS does.

7 New Equipment Perks

- Agile (Head, Chest, Legs): On incoming damage, 5% chance per piece to recover 5 run energy.
- Protector (Head, Chest, Legs): On incoming damage, 5% chance per piece to absorb 20% of damage.
- Zulrah's Kiss (Weapons): 10% chance to inflict poison when attacking.
- Zulrah's Blessing (Ring/Necklace): 25% chance to cure poison on incoming damage.
- Saradomin's Grace (Ring/Necklace): On opponent's death, 10% chance to recover 5 prayer points.
- Zamorak's Curse (Ring/Necklace): On opponent's death, 10% chance to suffer 10 HP damage.
- Guthix's Balance (Ring/Necklace): On hit, 10% chance to heal you and your opponent for 10 HP.

QoL Updates
- Ugthanki Kebab from Thermo Smoke Devil is now eatable. Extend those trips!
- Blessings now give proper +1 prayer bonus.
- CIR fairy ring now works.
- KBD got talked to and has agreed to drop his bones and hides every time he dies now.
- DFS is now tradeable after being uncharged. Pesky little dragon's breath was hiding in the shield and didn't want to come out.
- Cannons cannot be placed in most of the places that they shouldn't.
- D2H special attack now works.

We understand there has been a lot of null issues with players and we are working on a fix!

Word from the development team:
Our goal here at Kronos is to provide a fun game experience no matter how many players we have. We appreciate everyone that has stuck with us and we have plans in motion to make the server hustle and bustle again. Our first promise is that we will attempt to have at least one update a week to handle issues that players are having and to apply new content. We have new exciting things in store and can't wait to get them out to you!

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I love seeing progress and the anticipation of seeing Kronos succeed is overwhelming!

Also, thanks for adding your personal chorsema into this update thread, I love it! Well done Team! ❤