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Update Blog #8: QoL Baby!


Community Manager
Community Manager
Good Evening Kronos,

This development blog we looked at fixing up some of the quality of life bugs that have been pestering everyone.

After chatting with the shop owners at home...
  • Ironmen can now purchase Helm of Neitiznot from the Melee store.
  • Ironmen can now purchase Climbing Boots from the Melee store.
  • Ironmen can now purchase Ancient Staff from the Magic store.
  • Ghostly armor robes have been added to the Magic store.
  • Body runes can now be found in the Magic store.
  • Coconut milk is now sold in the Herblore Supply store.
  • The construction supply store will now sell the proper gold leaves and magic stones instead of the counterfeit product that he was pushing before.
  • 50% Luke's PvM store now has Salve Amulets for sale at 20 Points each.
    We know you need them for ToB, don't worry these are only for a temporary time for those of you who wish to be extremely efficient.
Other bugs that were fixed this patch are..
  • Addition of Skill Cape Perks for Maxed Cape, Attack, Cooking, Hitpoints, Agility, Woodcutting, Thieving, and Mining Skill Capes.
  • The ability to use DWH on Bandos door when equipped.
  • The ability to burn corrupt logs for that bomb Fire-making experience.
  • Fix to Antifire, Super Antifire, and the amount of protection that they give.
  • Fix for Digsite Pendant, Skills Necklace, and Combat Bracelet teleports.
  • Single summer tokens were removed to stop the glitch dealing with inventory space.
  • Tekton will drop his guaranteed items now instead of trying to hoard the overloads.
  • Godspells and magic properly work inside of the mage arena.
  • All nails now work in construction.
  • Fixed the ability to hire servants at home. Ardougne servants would prefer if you leave them alone since they have renovated their house into a vacation spot.
  • Added titles for the different game modes.
  • Fixed the drop rate / double drop interpretation by removing the 20% double drop chance and replacing it with 10% increase drop rate. You can visually see the change on a hard mode character through the drop table menu.
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