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Kronos - The Final Challenge

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Update Update Blog #7 - XP Modes?!?


Good Evening Kronos!
Sorry for the influx of updates, but we cannot stop pushing out major content to you guys!
This has been our MOST REQUESTED feature since launch. Many players have complained that our XP was too slow while others have said they wanted more of a challenge.
So here it is, the addition of XP Modes!

Combat XP100x60x5x
Skilling XP30x15x5x
Post-level 99 XP15x10x5x

All current players are set to the regular XP mode. If you would like a challenge, you can feel free to create a new account. And no - we will not be offering donation or level transfers. Sorry!
If you choose a mode that is too difficult or you are a regular and would like to convert to easy, you can do so at Adventurer Jon at home.

200m Capes!
To continue the theme of XP, we have also released Master Capes!
They are available from Mac at the top of the mountain, north of home.
There are not currently bonuses or effects associated with them, but they will come at a later date. For now, just show off your achievement!