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  1. Aymo

    Weekly Events!

    Welcome to Kronos' weekly events! We will be hosting events every single week, of which will differentiate on a per week basis. This means that you will be seeing a variation of events. Please note the calendar below, as these will be updated on the Sunday of every week, so that you can stay up...
  2. Aymo

    Staff Feedback Thread

    Staff Feedback Thread The team at Kronos would love to hear the communities input on how staff members are performing In-Game, on Discord and on the Forums. Restrain from flaming/trolling on this thread. Use constructive feedback. Please use the following format below ⬇ Administrators...
  3. Aymo

    Weekend of Events - Huge OSRS prizes!

    - Weekend of Events - 95m 07 GP/Store Credit total Prizes Kronos will be hosting a number of different events this weekend for huge OSRS/Store credit prizes Saturday - June 27th 1v1 Tournament (Via tournament system at Edgeville). Event will start at 2:30 pm EST - 25m OSRS/Store credit...
  4. Aymo

    Achievement Rewards

    Achievement Rewards Kronos will be hosting huge events on the day of launch! These will include In-Game competitions for store credit. 🥇- First to achieve 200m in any skill non combat related - $100 Store Credit 🥈- First to Max a HardCore - $75 Store Credit 🥉- First to Max Cape - $50...
  5. Aymo

    Item Upgrade System

    Kronos Upgrades Introduction Upgrade systems have been done in the past but with the item attribute system that was written by our developer ReverendDread, it unlocks a ton of potential with how we can upgrade items while not bogging down people with an overwhelming amount of custom items...
  6. Aymo

    Official Rules

    Disclaimer: The Kronos staff team reserves the right to punish any member regardless of whether or not the rule is specifically covered for any reason. These rules are to be taken as guidelines which cover general scenarios. Common sense should be used where possible as to what’s right and wrong...
  7. Aymo

    Aymo's Server Support application

    Username(s): Aymo How old are you?: 20 Where are you from?: Ireland (GMT) When did you join Kronos?: 07/05/2020 Have you ever experienced being in a staff position before? If so, explain: Roles included: Handling problems outlined by players on the forums, Reporting any bugs to developers...