Kronos - The Final Challenge

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    Removed 3

    Nice guide bud! Well done
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    Update Blog #6 - Kaal-Ket-Jor

    Great work‼️
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    Great guide man!!
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    A quick little picture of zulrah that works for me

    Nice guide man!
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    Weekly Events!

    Welcome to Kronos' weekly events! We will be hosting events every single week, of which will differentiate on a per week basis. This means that you will be seeing a variation of events. Please note the calendar below, as these will be updated on the Sunday of every week, so that you can stay up...
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    Dev Blog #2

    Great updates! Thanks
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    Staff Feedback Thread

    Staff Feedback Thread The team at Kronos would love to hear the communities input on how staff members are performing In-Game, on Discord and on the Forums. Restrain from flaming/trolling on this thread. Use constructive feedback. Please use the following format below ⬇ Administrators...
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    Pup's Staff Application

    Great application Pup! I see you active in the help CC a lot. +1 from me
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    Weekend of Events - Huge OSRS prizes!

    - Weekend of Events - 95m 07 GP/Store Credit total Prizes Kronos will be hosting a number of different events this weekend for huge OSRS/Store credit prizes Saturday - June 27th 1v1 Tournament (Via tournament system at Edgeville). Event will start at 2:30 pm EST - 25m OSRS/Store credit...
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    Welcome!! Best of luck on that UIM grind
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    Engage's Staff Application

    Nice application! Best of luck
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    Update Dev Blog #1

    Great updates, Keep up the good work
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    Hey guys Kommandant here

    Welcome man!!
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    Welcome to Kronos brother!